Imagensys wins the 2018 AIIC Health Technology Challenge award

By October 31, 2017 No Comments

Imagensys, a start-up founded in 2017 by CNR researchers, has won the 2018 Health Technology Challenge at the Italian Association of Clinical Engineers (AIIC) National Conference. The HT Challenge is AIIC’s initiative dedicated to innovative solutions in healthcare technology. Imagensys was the award winner in the Development of Technologies and Devices for Health category for its work “Gamma Camera for Diagnostic Oncology”.
This first edition of the HT Challenge, held during the AIIC’s 18th National Conference in Rome on 10-12 May 2018, replaced and potentiated the traditional call for abstracts. Eight thematic areas were identified for the submission of papers reflecting all the themes of clinical engineering. 147 papers competed for the prizes in the individual thematic areas, and were evaluated by high-profile expert judges. The first three papers in each of the eight thematic areas passed through to the final round, in which the prizes were awarded. In the Development of Technologies and Devices for Health category, Imagensys won not one but two of the three places on offer.
During the conference’s closing evening, held in the splendid setting of Rome’s Brancaccio Palace, the first prize in this category went to the work “Gamma Camera for Diagnostic Oncology”.
“This experience closes a year-long cycle, as it’s the third award won by Imagensys after the 2017 Regione Lazio StartCup and the special award, also awarded by the AIIC, at the 2017 National Innovation Awards in Naples. It’s a sign that the technologies we’re developing are beginning to push the boundaries of knowledge in the field of medical devices, both for their originality and their level of innovation. This has been confirmed by the high number of visits to our stand over the 3 days of the conference, both from people curious about our technology and companies asking to work with us to develop specific technologies for their own sectors,” said Alessandro Soluri, IBCN researcher and Imagensys founder.
“We believe that our ongoing growth as an innovative start-up is maturing quickly and we hope to see the fruits of all our work very soon. I’d particularly like to thank our President, Dr. Alessandro Rombelli, for having believed in our technology. Thanks also to all the team: Roberto Massari, Nunzia D’Elia and our MD, Heber Verri. Imagensys will certainly know how to exploit its synergy with CNR and its research facilities, to be able to demonstrate than in Italy too, there’s room for applied technology and it’s possible to relaunch the country’s manufacturing and industrial sectors – a move that must necessarily involve its research laboratories,” Dr. Soluri concluded.